About Us

At Fixer Film Asia, we are very passionate about standard equipment, location, filming, and helping our clients achieve the production quality they deserve.

      Yuta O’Shea has been working in this industry over 15 years for BBC, Plimsoll Productions, Icon films, Ramsy Studio, ITV ,National Geographic, Warner Brothers , Betty Productions, Silverback, Oxford Scientific, Wild Star , Asian News, Discovery Chanel and more…

Because we also understand that a successfully organized production can not only benefit those involved, but also effect, educate, and support communities and consumers far beyond what may be captured through a camera lens. For nearly 20 years we have had the honour of working and collaborating with over 100 international and local projects and productions throughout Southeast Asia. From wildlife and nature documentaries to children’s programs, from historical documentaries to dramas, from reality TV shows to feature films, from survival shows to live broadcasts and journalism, and even underwater filming to extreme sports. As a result, we here at Fixer Film Asia have accumulated a vast resource of information, contacts, and experience unmatched and unavailable elsewhere.


Working with Fixer Film Asia means that we will provide you with reconnaissance, research, permits, equipment, logistics, catering, drone filming, casting crew, and production support. Be it in the middle of a neon urban cityscape or a remote and hidden cultural site, a lush and wild jungle or a quaint and peaceful farming village, we will support your project from start to finish.

For more details on the programs we have collaborated on, as well as a list of clients who can provide references, please find them here.