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Every production is unique and comes with different challenges we are more than ready to provide solutions for. At Fixer Film Asia we take it as our duty to help provide every production with the best in order to achieve the topt results within the available budget.


With Fixer Film Asia

Film Recruitment

With almost 20 years of experience under our belt, Fixer Film Asia has an extensive network of human resources ranging the full spectrum of film production teams within our regions. Whether you want construction teams, technicians, cast, crew, or access specialists, chances are we already have people in the country or region who can fill the post effectively. Please contact us to discuss your recruitment requirements today.


Over the years, we have arranged logistics for film shoots ranging from glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau to the roiling rivers of Borneo. We have provided film crews with access to some of the longest river caves on earth, inaccessible tree top canopies, and explored hundreds of kilometers of river systems that were previously unexplored.

We completed the first full exploration and navigation of the Mighty Mekong River System from source to sea in 2004 and facilitated dozens of first ever filming events within the region. Wherever you wish to go within our region, we have the experience and logistical expertise to take you, your team, and your equipment there for filming.


A hungry crew is a grumpy crew, and grumpy crews don’t perform their best! Fortunately, delicious and anti-grumpy food within our regions of operation is inexpensive, hygienic, and nutritious. We have catering crews available who can provide extensive menus to suit any crew’s tastes.

In House Production Equipment for Rent

We have a range of in house equipment for rental including the following items as listed. If something you require is not on our list, chances are, we can find it for you within our region through our established network. So drop us a line if you’re in need of something!

Live Journalism

Do you need on-site reporters and journalists to cover on-going events and stories? We have you covered. We have a wide selection of multilingual experienced journalists and reporters and crew ready to cover any story as it unfolds.

Professional Local Crew

All of our local crew are multilingual, experienced, and trained in what they do. They have worked extensively in their respective regions and are great problem solvers.

Reconnaissance and Research

There are limits to the amount of effective research that can be completed online or by phone. Yet undertaking long haul flights to seek out reliable answers to critical questions is often not the most cost or time effective solution. Particularly if you have team members with an abundance of film making experience already in the country and able to efficiently seek out the answers in the local lingo.

We have assisted dozens of productions with research and recces saving them time, budget, and a range of other issues that can arise from not having boots on the ground throughout the research and planning phase of a production.

Set Construction

From creating custom designs to building complex wildlife sets to constructing full sized modular homes and even a large yacht, we at Fixer Film Asia have extensive project management experience. Set construction costs within our region is generally a fraction of the cost compared to other countries. WIth recruitment, procurement, and competent set project management arranged and taken care of by our team, you can focus your time more effectively in other areas within your production.

Translation Services

Our team here at Fixer Film Asia speak Thai, Lao, Khmer, Chinese, and English. We provide competent translation services for our clients in these languages.

Filming and Live Broadcast Equipment for Hire

We have developed a good working relationship with several of the region’s best filming equipment, drone operators and live broadcast providers. Sourcing equipment and technicians regionally can free up production funds for other critical areas without compromising a shoot.  Once we know your requirements, we’ll be happy to connect you to the right specialists.  

This includes:

  • Video Production 
  • Live Broadcasting 
  • Television Commercial 
  • Event Management 
  • Video Recording 
  • Multicam OB System 
  • Editing Service 
  • Live Streaming 
  • Concerts 
  • Broadcast Service 
  • Rental Equipment

Government Liaison

Getting government officials and departments to support film shoots can be tricky. In many cases, teams have contacted us because they were informed (often travel companies with little to no filming experience) that it’s not possible to do something. However, we were able to turn things around due to our experience and contacts. As long as the intent of a film is not to paint a nation, its culture, religion, or its government leadership in a ‘negative light’ it’s almost always possible to get official permission to film.