A land rich with historical and cultural heritage, Cambodia is a unique and unforgettable destination not just for tourists but also for filmmakers. A country filled with contrasting beauty, both modern and ancient, it is a haven for filmmakers from all around the world. With the Khmer government actively promoting and assisting the film industry, as well as the fact that Cambodia has one of the lower location costs, this Kingdom is quickly becoming a popular filming destination.

General Film Permit (on the national level)

The first and main document you must be provided with in order to be allowed to prepare production and shoot in Cambodia is the General Film Permit delivered by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. We can assist you in this first step .

  • Permit for Feature film (average process of 15 working days)
  • Permit for Documentary / Commercial / Short / TV show / Clip / Photo shoot (average process of 7  working days)

The General Film Permit is the key document that allows you to process other requests and authorizations. It is thus essential to ensure that your request file is complete as much as possible, even before you arrive in Cambodia we will assist you in meeting the main requirements.

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Custom CLearance

The Temporary Import License (or tax free request)

This is a special incentive provided by the government to allow any foreign film production to import and export film related equipment free of taxes, for a limited time. This includes costumes, props, and any non-consumable items.

Note that the General Film Permit is mandatory to benefit from that incentive.

Check out our Customs Guide for specific imports, such as: vehicles, weapons and explosives, military and police costumes and accessories, animals, medicines.

Note: in order to be able to shoot as soon as you arrive, we can facilitate the whole process before your arrival . Once all documents are provided, a minimum of 48 hours are required to process the authorization and obtain the Temporary Import License.

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Special Film Permit (for specific places)

Examples: Angkor Archeological Park, Royal Palace, Museums, temples, schools, hospitals, national parks etc.

In case some of your film locations require to be shot in some specific public related sites, it is mandatory to contact the relevant ministry or authority in order to obtain a permission.

Different fees apply and we strongly recommend submitting all necessary documents at least 14 working days prior to the shooting.

Aerial Shooting Drone Permit

In the event you wish to film “off the ground”, from an elevated position and use an aerial shooting drone, a special film permit is required and additional requirements may apply depending on the location.

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Visa of Entry

Whatever the length of your stay, you need to apply for a visa, obtained on presentation of a passport with a validity of at least 6 months after entering the country.

The visa can be obtained upon arrival (except from some countries where you will need to apply at the closest Embassy or Consulate of the Kingdom of Cambodia in your country).

For a stay of one month, renewable once, a tourist visa is enough. For a longer stay, apply for a one-month business Visa , which can be extended 1, 3, 6 month(s) and up to one year in the country.

Note: Cambodia is not a carnet country at this time. Cambodia Film Fixers can also arrange the temporary import/re-export of all filming-related equipment with the customs department by air or land borders as required.

Film Permit Processing Costs

The complexity and work load of processing each permit varies depending upon the number of departments and parties involved and the complexity and scale of the shoot. Therefore it’s only possible to provide an accurate permit processing estimate once some details on the shoot specifics have been provided.

Feel free to send through some basic details on your shoot including: A brief description of the program with a rough filming schedule noting the filming locations and size of crew. With this information in hand we’re able to quickly obtain a permit processing estimation.

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